Job Interview Tips for the Best and Worst Times to Search for a New Job

So, you’ve thought and planned carefully about how to face an interview.  Your planning has covered everything how to face an interview, job interview tipsimaginable.  Your knowledge of interview questions and how best to answer each of them is finely honed.  There is no room for doubt the interview suit you’ve selected is perfect down to finely shined shoes.   Last, when called for an interview the things you must research and learn about the company and position are clearly in focus.  There is one question left to answer – when is the best time to look for a new job?

The reality is, the best time to find a new job is when you see a good opportunity.  If good opportunities are in short supply, there are some times throughout the year that are better than others to find a new job.

Job Interview Tips for the Best Time to Search for a New Job

As we’ve all heard timing is everything and this well-worn saying is very applicable to job searches.  Most companies operate on the standard calendar year, meaning January through December.  Mid to late January marks the start of when you as a candidate should focus on starting your job search.  Companies know, in most cases, what their various annual department and project budgets will be for the New Year giving them the ability to start searching for new staff to fill positions forecast as part of that process. Continue reading

How to Face an Interview When Two Candidates Are Equally Matched

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I’d like to personally thank for conducting an interview of 2076 hiring manager’s, much like how to face an interviewmyself, to ask “When two candidates are equally matched, what becomes the deciding factor to choose one over the other?”  The answers that emerged might surprise you, but it came as little surprise to me.

Let’s explore the responses to see what can be useful in helping you in your quest to learn all you need to know for how to face an interview successfully.  Without any further ado and a drum roll please, the survey says:

  • Just over one quarter, or 27% of the hiring managers interviewed responded with the interviewee with the best sense of humor.
  • Another quarter, or 26%, stated those actively involved with the community.
  • At 24%, or right under a quarter stated the interviewee who was best dressed.
  • Hovering at 21% this group of respondents said the interviewee who has the most in common with them.
  • Dust off the gym membership because 13% of hiring managers responded the most physically fit of the two candidates.
  • DVR the game show Jeopardy because another 8% of the managers who responded stated the candidate who was must up on world and pop culture affairs.
  • Tweet or Pin this, 7% of hiring managers said the candidate most adept at using social media.
  • Last, 4% of those manager’s interviewed said the interviewee who knew more about sports.

Let’s move on to exploring how to use this survey information to your benefit and a free resource I’ make available to help you even further.  If ready, let’s continue.

What Should I Understand from this and How To Face an Interview

What does all of this mean when preparing for how to face an interview?  That my friends is very simple and something I’ve been stressing repeatedly throughout many of my posts here.  However, I’ll let Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources with CareerBuilder say it for me when asked this question as it related to this survey “…Employers are not only looking for people who are professionally qualified for the position, but also some who is going to fit in at the office…”  Continue reading

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How Comfortable Are You Discussing Money During an Interview – The Tricky Telephone Interview Questions and Second Interview Questions!

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How comfortable are you talking about money during an interview?  More importantly, do you understand the telephone interview questions, interview tips, second interview questions,mechanics of salary questions during an interview and the difference between negotiating salary?  If you’re like most people, the answer is an emphatic “No” to the first question and something similar to the second one.  Regardless of your comfort level at the moment, it’s my goal to help you better tackle the subject of salary during an interview, and the do’s and don’ts of talking about money as a whole while interviewing in general.

Psychology of Salary Interview Questions

Any discussion of money or salary in relation to interviewing should start with a frank discussion about human psychology.  During a telephone interview and any subsequent second interviews understand that you will be asked about salary.  The question can come in many different forms, such as:  “What is your current salary?” “What salary are you looking to earn per year?” or “Do you have a specific salary figure in mind for this position?”  As I’ve shared before, any variation of these questions starts the cat and mouse game of you trying not to commit to a hard salary figure during this early stage of an interview and the company attempting to learn your “salary number”.  Continue reading

When the Interviewer Can’t See You

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One of the trickiest things about interviewing is the telephone screen.  It’s often the first interview in a series to telephone interview questions, telephone interview questions tips, telephone interview questions hints, telephone interview questions advice, telephone interview questions help, how to answer telephone interview questions, how to answer telephone interview questions successfully, how to answer telephone interview questions confidentlyscreen or filter candidates down to those which best fit the position.  Of these candidates who do well, they will be invited to an in-person interview often with the hiring manager.  Unlike the face to face interview where there are more modes of communicating available such as hand and face gestures, during the telephone screen you as the interviewee have to rely on your abilities to effectively answer the telephone interview questions presented to be invited to the next round of in-person interviews.

How to Practice a Telephone Interview and Telephone Interview Questions

In the absence of other means of communicating answers to interview questions, what is the secret to doing well – practice.  To help you prepare for answering interview questions below are helpful tips for how carry out a mock telephone interview: Continue reading

Don’t Forget This – Thank You

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There are certain things an interviewee must do before, during, and after an interview.  For example, it’s no great mystery or secret my advocacy of being supremely well prepared before entering the interview.  There are also certain things that I’ve shared that need to happen during an interview such as using formal names whenhow to face an interview, how to face an interview confidently, tips for how to face an interview, advice for how to face an interview, how to face an interview for the first time addressing the interviewer such as Mr. or Mrs.  The discussion of the need for being aware of one’s body language as well is another that comes to mind.  When considering how to face an interview successfully failing to do this at the end of an interview could sink your chances of getting a job – it’s the simple act of saying “thank you”.

What is the importance of saying “thank you” when thinking about how to face an interview?

Saying “thank you” demonstrates an appreciation on the part of the person interviewing to the individual or panel who conducted the interview.  This act also recognizes the value of time to this person or people for carving out a time slot to conduct the interview in an otherwise busy day for most managers.  Taking into account the typical interview can run an hour or more interviewing is often one the least enjoyed time drains manager’s face and showing appreciation for that goes a long way.  Finally, verbalizing your thanks demonstrates appreciation for the chance to compete for a great opportunity. Continue reading

The Secret to Answering Telephone Interview Questions Successfully

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Telephone interviews are a common practice and fact of life in this modern age of job interviewing.  It’s a tactic telephone interview questions, telephone interview questions tips, telephone interview questions hints, telephone interview questions advice, telephone interview questions help, how to answer telephone interview questions, how to answer telephone interview questions successfully, how to answer telephone interview questions confidentlyused for one purpose – to cut down the field of job applicants to those who performed well enough to be asked to participate in a second interview or in-person interview.  As a candidate, you’re only job and concern during the phone screen interview is to answer the telephone interview questions to the satisfaction of the person conducting the interview giving them a reason to offer you an invite to the next round of interviews.

Most people offering interview advice tend to focus on giving you their opinion on the questions you’re likely to be asked and how they believe you should answer them.  This is great if we were robots and could dutifully recite the memorized answers in a conversational tone during an event that naturally causes the normal person to experience the great equalizer – STRESS.  To counter the stress effect of interviewing these same experts may also offer up an interview tip for using some Star Wars Jedi mind trick to help you relax.  Rote memorization of possible interview question answers and Jedi mind tricks aside, there is a better way to ace telephone interview questions.

Continue reading